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Ep.6 - The Poop Loop

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Greetings and lovely bones everybody!!!

Believe it or not, only a couple of weeks after my dogtor experience, the one experience I swore I would never repeat… it all happened again, and this time it was even worse for me because I knew that the damn thing delivered a painful sting!!!

After this later intrusion my hooman promised me that I would not have to go through this again for a while…

Did she say for a while? I did not like the sound of that… Did this mean I would get stung again? And what would be the purpose?

I am not sure I understood this human ritual, but in the following days something else changed, and this change would be a profound one… a life changing one.

From the moment I was born, my furry mum always took care of my personal hygiene… when I became a little older and was able to move around, my furry mum taught me where I had to lay my waste. That is what she called it. All of us pups had a corner where we would lay our waste and my mum’s human would come regularly to clean it up.

Naturally I continued this when I started to live with my hooman… I designated a corner of my nest away from my water hole, my kill and resting areas, and as my furry mum's human did before my hooman came to clear it up every time.

The big change I was talking about happened soon after my second sting; rather than clear it up as she did countless times before, every time my hooman caught me laying my waste, she would gently scoop me up and take me outside the nest…

I remember the first time it happened, it was the most peculiar event.

She picked me up, walked outside and laid me on the ground; there I found myself sitting in the softest fluffiest element... one I never sniffed before, but one that awoke in me the strangest feeling, like a memory, but not quite my own… the smell was so sweet that all I wanted to do was to sniff around, to really immerse myself into it… suddenly I came upon a spot…one with a different smell, it was the smell of another me, similar but different, this one smelt closer to my furry mum’s waste, but she was much older and a little frail.

My mind was completely engulfed, each smell I encounter exploded in my still inexperienced nose and I enjoyed every single one.

This strange routine kept going for weeks… now and then whilst in this new environment I needed to lay my waste… but I was not sure about that, this was an unfamiliar place to do so… but considering I smelt many “other me’s waste” I decided it might be OK if I were really desperate.

As soon as I did my hooman mum seemed to be really pleased, praising me, giving me cuddles, telling me what a good boy I was for doing little wee-wees or big wee-wees, and also gave me a bit of kill as a present.

Now I didn’t know what this wee-wees business was all about, but I definitely enjoyed the attention, the cuddles and praises, not to mention the unscheduled treats, all of this wrapped up in the best environment ever, filled with curious things and happy smells.

After a while I began to suspect that all this seemed to pivot around my waste and I had to think… was my hooman trying to communicate to me that my waste needed to be laid outside? Could that be the answer to her strange behaviour?

That was when I tried out my theory, and rather than using my nest’self-designated spot, one day I decided to call my hooman.

I gave a little whimper in the hope she would understand… and surprise surprise, she did, not only that, but she made a real fuss of me for calling her.

“Good boy my Biscuit” she howled “you called your mama for wee-wees!!!”

‘Did I?’ I thought… ‘OHHH I SEE…’

That was the moment of revelation, a proverbial WOOF WOOF moment!!!

Waste equaled big wee-wees or little wee-wees depending on the type!!!

Now that we establish a common ground of understanding, things were going to be much easier.

My hooman seemed so happy every time I asked to go out, and there is nothing I wanted more than to make my hooman happy, but this was only half the life changing experience, the other half was even most wonderful…

I soon were to discover the wonderful world of WAALKIIIES!!!

Till our next woofling,

Lots of licks,


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