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SW Art Pastel Portrait - Q&A
SW Art Pastel Portrait - Q&A
What Ifs

What kind of photos do I need to send you?

I work from good resolution digital photos, you can send them by e-mail and I will print them to work from. I never accept original photos, even if I am very careful, accidents can and do happen, and I wouldn't want to be the cause of the loss of a special memory

What if I don't have a digital photo just a print, what can I do?

You can scan your image, save it in your computer, then email it to me, I will be able to see if it is  good enough for me to work from.

How long does it take you to complete a drawing?

depending on the size, it takes me between 6 to 8 weeks from the moment I start

What if I need my picture done in a hurry?

My advice to you is to plan ahead and order in plenty time, especially if you are commissioning for a special date. Also do consider that I might be in the middle of another commission.

Do I need to pay you before you start?

There will be a  non-refundable deposit of 25% on the agreed price to be paid no later than a week after commissioning me, this is to basically book me to do your drawing.

When will I need to pay the rest?

There are two payments options to choose from:

1-The "Little Treats" Option:

    This is a payment by instalments designed to suit your personal needs

2-The "Juicy Bone" Option:

    This option will split the payment in two, the deposit and the final balance


Do you provide a contract?

Yes I do. I f you decide you want to go ahead and commission me, and you would like a contract, I will send it via email.

Can I be involved in the artwork process?

You can be involved as much or as little as you like, again I have two options:

1-The "Excited Pup" Option:

    You will be updated at regular intervals of your choice, I will send you a low resolution 

     watermarked image via


2-The "Relaxed Pup" Option:

    You will recieve a low resolution watermarked image when the artwork is completed

What if I don't like the picture, I am obliged to buy it?

-If choosing the "Little Treats" payment

 option, cancellations are accepted provided work has not commenced, in which case

 instalments will be fully refunded

-If I already begun the artwork, the payments will NOT be refunded, but future payments will be wavered

-If not satisfied with the end result, to be released from the final payment obligation,  it must be proven that likness has not been achieved

-Under no circumstances the deposit will be refunded


Will my artwork arrived framed?

You will recieve the original artwork mounted on a white cored balck mountboard and in a glass or plexiglass, (your choice), frame.

Artist Rights

- 2014, Sarah Worrell, SW Pastel Pets, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

- I also reserve the right to use any artwork for advertising or/and distribution

Should you have any other questions please contact me:

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