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Commissions Price Guide

To ensure the optimum result I will work out the best size according to your specifications, in some cases this might mean that standard photo sizes can’t be maintained, therefore please note that the following prices are a guide only

A -   7"x5"

B -  10"x8"

C -  14"x10"

D -  16"x12"

E -  20"x16"


This size is for a single pet/wildlife subject only close up


This size is ideal for up to two pets/wildlife subject or one person close up


This sizes is ideal for two pet/wildlife/people subjects


Sizes 16"x10" and 20"x16"are ideal for multiple pet/wildlife/people subjects


Please note:

From sizes 10"X8" the above prices are for one subject only, if you require two or more, there will be extra charges:

£25 for a second subjet in size 10"x8"

£50 for a second subject in the remaining sizes

Should you require more than two subjects or more thant one commission, please contact me to get a better price option

 Bridal portraits start at  approx. size 14"x10"

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