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Ep.12 - The Bark side of the force

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Woofling everyone…

Despite strong reservation on my part, in the end I was pawsitively happy to have moved den, this den was much more spacious and very conveniently positioned next to a really nice park.

To give my hooman her due she dog-gedly pushed on through the initial mayhem and organized the new den to purrfection… (as my hooman-sister pud would say)

This was like a déjá-vu, only in reverse… little by little, my toys, my favourite cuishions, and those curious object that seem to serve no obvious purpose... reappeared.

It wasn’t only the den that took a while to get organized, our routine also was totally disrupted, but my hooman did her best to fall back into it as soon as possible.. and thank Dog for that, changing my surrounding had been stressful enough, but skipping my walkies or my “llama” time turned out to be traumatic for me.

Luckily, as I woofled, this didn’t last longer than three or four sun rises, but while it went on I felt totally confused, sad, and despite my hooman’s best efforts to soothe me, I felt a little scared, and without the comfort of these, up to now, expected occurrences, all I could do was to follow my hooman from one place to another, or hide under the newly positioned sofa.

The day came when we finally started to explore outside, I was so excited and a little worried, after all I had a good circle of K9 and human friends in my previous territory… now I was going to have to start all over again.

As a young pup I didn’t find it too difficult to assert myself in the environment, because I was cute and little, most K9s... and every single human were only too happy to say hello, but now I was

almost a big boy… and even though I had no direct experience on the matter, I instinctively knew that my presence could be viewed as a threat, I had to walk carefully, as if avoiding poops.

The air was crispy and the day clear, I tilted my head back, nose up in the air trying to get a sense of what was about… Naturally all the new smells hit me at once and I had to do this a few times to identify them all.

We started along the park path and I was please to see a few K9, I was about to approach one to say hello when from behind I herd a low but not unfriendly bark..

“Hey you!!!”

I turned and saw a scruffy brown dog…

“You’re new around these parts aren’t you?”

“Yeah.. I…” but before I could make my acquaintances… he begun howling.

What on the name of all dog’s toys was he doing… I thought, jumping back towards my hooman.

At that very moment, the scruffy dog’s human, who was sitting on a bench holding and staring and a big piece of paper, pulled him firmly by his lead and told him to stop making all that noise… the scruffy dog stopped… then looked at me and continued in a low growl…

“Save yourself… run away while you can… they have you… you think you are safe and then… then you get to... sense a dark force around them… a force not used for survival… it’s used to… it’s used to… I cant’… I… but... mind my word my son… run… run now... you can’t trust them!!!”

“Who… who can't I trust?” I asked, shaking, still peering from behind my hooman legs.

In spite of my fear, it was my dog’s calling to find out if some dangerous predator was coming, I would need to raise the alarm and make every effort to keep my hooman safe.

His answer slowly surfaced from his innards, made its way through his laboured breathing and in a guttural, resentful tone… that was full of disdain, was finally set free just past his bearing teeth.


“HUMANS??? What was he growling about???

At that moment his human folded the piece of paper, put it in a big bag, got up and started to walk away… pulling the scruffy dog along with him.

As they were quickly moving away, the scruffy dog turned to me once more and howled…

“I warned youuuuu… I warned all of youuuuu… the huuuuumans can’t be trusted, the huuuuumans are in disguise, can’t you smell it… can’t you smell their dark fooooorce??? Keep watch on the huuuuuma…”

“STOP MAKING ALL THAT NOISE YOU OLD MUTT” His human said firmly but not unkindly.

“Poorrr Edgarr” came a voice from behind..

In my shocked state I jumped a metre in the air and I actually growled at the source of the voice.

“Steady on my wee whelp”

“Sorry” I apologized to the nice looking Scottie that stood behind me

“… but… that… that…”

“Aye, I know, but don’t let it scarre you, Edgarr has gone thru a rreally bad time… d’ye ken that his prrevious ownerr not only abandoned him, but apparrently was quite crruel to him… poorr Edgarr lost his marrbles and by the time he was rrescued... he was too auld to let the past go. Our days he spends his walks howling warrning left and rright”

“A human was cruel to him?” I ask in bewilderment as if the notion could not enter my mind… the idea that my hooman could be cruel to me was as unthinkable as a life without treats.

“Yep” Came another voice from behind a tree. “I heard that does happen… and only too often”

Soon enough a whole bunch of K9s gathered and joined our little woofle, all bringing forward their own opinion to try to explain to me a notion that in my world was as much unexplainable as it was unthinkable.

The whole affair terrified me to the bones… to all my burried bones… and that night I had a horrible nightmare about my hooman growling at me and leaving me outside the den.

I must have howled a cry because my hooman woke up and looked genuinely concerned, she then cuddled me, and asked me in her bed… I quickly made my way under the duvet and curled up against her belly… she spoke softly to me.

“It’s ok my Biscuit… you are ok now” She whispered “it’s you and me, me and you together forever”

Her was voice soothing, her warmth reassuring… and even though my young mind had been forever scarred with the notion that in the wild there were truly horrible things happening, little by little I begun to calm down and as we fell asleep together I knew I would never have to face the darkness the scruffy brown dog warned me about, because my hooman would never ever be cruel to me or abandon me.

Till our next woofling,

Lots of licks,


Alt="happy dog panting in carrier bag"

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