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Ep.10 - ReBARKable

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Woofling everyone…

by now I was getting on quite well, the adjusting period to my new home proved to be quite an experience… scary at times, but with the guidance of my hooman I felt confident, she had my tail and in return I made sure I had her back!

Even so, when I say I was doing really well with my “pup-illage”, I don’t mean I learnt it all. Quite the opposite!

Every situation was an opportunity to gain more knowledge.

I had a brief but memorable encounter with the different aspects of language, both body and barked, while I was still living with my furry mum. At the time my young eyes were eager to see all, but the world looked rather fuzzy.

On this particular day I was happily suckling away my third meal of the day when I heard my mum’s hooman approaching. Still tightly latched on, I opened my eyes and saw her form getting closer and closer, to the point that my newly opened eyes could focus… and what I saw scared me out so much, that I gasped, let go of my food supply thing and choked a little, then as quick as possible I burrowed under my furry mum as far as I could.

“What is the matter my little one?” my furry mum asked.

“Be careful…” I yelped, shaking to the bones “the human is showing teeth, it’s about to BITE!!!”

My furry mum chuckled a little…

“No no my littlun… she isn’t”

I looked at her totally puzzled, how could she be so sure? The warning was clear as a howling in the night!!!”

“Com’on out of there my little fur ball…” she prompted me.

Slowly I emerged from my safe spot but I kept a close eye on the alleged teeth bearing aggressor.

“you see my salty little bone, there are many differences in the way human and dogs communicate. Showing teeth is the most obvious, when human show teeth they mean to convey openness and friendliness”

“They do?” I asked, still looking at the human with suspicion.

“Yes, and through the ages, us dogs have developed a body language just to communicate with our bipedal hairless friends”

“… but… but I don’t know how to speak human… how will I…”

“Don’t worry” my furry mum reassured me “trust your instinct, and you will soon learn your particular human’s bark and behaviour”

This turned out to be true especially in my case, and here it’s why…

On one of our usual morning walks, my hooman encountered a friendly one of her kind and started woofling. Luckily the other human had a K9 of it’s own, so as they started their socialization, we started ours, but now and then I stopped and went to make sure my hooman was still ok.

It was during one of these pauses that I sensed something… strange was going on.

Normally humans seem to communicate easily, but today something was wrong, as I looked at my K9 friend, I was surprised to see him look at my hooman in confusion as well.

“What’s the matter” I asked him.

“What in all of the juicy bones is you human from mate????”

Was this hound pulling my whiskers?

“I can’t understand a word you human is saying!!!” he grunted.

“You don’t?” this was weird, it was all perfectly clear to me…

“Nope, not a single yelp, yap or bark… your human must be a migrated human”

“What’s migrated?” I was pretty curious by now and a little worried… was my hooman ill?

“Well… I was told as a pup that our ancestors use to migrate to different areas when they run out of kill” he explained.

“Do humans run out of kill?”

“That I don’t know, but let me tell you that your human is definitely from a different pack”

That night I made sure I gave my hooman extra attention, if what I was told today was true… my hooman was away from her pack and she must have felt a little lonely, I wanted her to know that I was her pack now and she was never going to be alone ever again!!!

Till our next woofling,

Lots of licks,


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