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Ep.2 - Pawsitively Lucky

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Hello Again... last time we woofled I promised I would tell you of my adventures... so... I guess I better start from the beginning.

I was only a week old when I first smelled something interesting, it wasn't a familiar smell, nothing to do with my furry mum or siblings, nothing to do with the usual coming and going of several hoomans... This was different, from this scent I got something more, a sort of safe feeling, but that is all, at that time my eyes were still closed and my little nose was all I could depend on.

This scent came about and then went away, I was a little sad when it did, I thought I dreamt it... but only three weeks later... THERE IT WAS AGAIN.

Now my eyes were opened but the world looked rather blurry, I recently began to wobble around on my new found paws and as soon as I sniffed the intriguing whiff, I started wobbling towards it.

As I looked up I saw a sort of greysh fuzzy shape, and I heard a voice... not the voice of my furry mum's hooman... a different voice that spoke directly to me, and as quick as that I felt myself leave the ground, a powerful force plucked me from my nest... I felt really scared and a little sick!!!

I think I whimpered for my furry mum to come and rescue me, but moments later I found myself cradled and warm, the voice I heard before was soothing and calm by my left ear and the scent that made me feel so safe overwhelmed my unprepared nose.

It was so exciting, confusing, scary and comforting all at the same time that I could not work out what was happening to me, overcome by exhaustion... I fell asleep.

When I woke up I was back in my nest, my furry mum looked at me and her nose gently nudged my ear.

"You are a lucky pup" she woofed at me "it looks like you already have found your human"

You must understand, at that time I didn't know what a hooman was or how important it was for a dog to have a hooman, but totally burned out by the day's experience I once again fell asleep whilst feeling lucky that somehow I found a hooman... a scent that would keep me safe... always.

Till our next woofling ,

Lots of licks,


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