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Ep.5 - To the Dogtor

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Woofling to you all...

I suppose I knew something was up even before I actually caught the scent!!!

The couple of weeks following the arrival to my new nest, all merged in a sequence of days filled with the discovery of my surroundings and loads of games and cuddles.

I soon realized that what my hooman called "a lounge" was but one area inside my new nest.

The “lounge” was dedicated to daily activities, playing, eating, etc… but in addition to that there was my hooman nap spot and a place called "the kitchen". I am positive the kitchen is where my hooman kept her kill, cause every time she announced she was going to bring me “pappa” that is my hooman word for din-din, she disappeared in there and came back with food.

I wasn’t really allowed to roam freely outside my compound in the lounge, and definitely not in the kitchen-kill spot, my hooman told me that apart from being dangerous, I needed to be clean…

I made sure I groomed myself thoroughly everyday, but this, it seems… was not enough anyway.

On the particular morning in question, I notice that my hooman scent altered, it had a new whiff, one I haven't smelled before, it was somewhat an... unsettled odour… my hooman was nervous.

After my morning pappa, she told me we would go on a trip to see a doggy doctor… I needed to get some shots, that is what she said, some shots, she kept repeating that it was for my own good and that I was going to be OK, but no matter how calmly she tried to tell me this, her demeanour did not match her bark and this upset me... now I felt nervous.

She got me all ready, put my little coat on and put me in my mobile bed… I love my mobile bed, it is like a regular bed but smaller and my hooman wears it on her shoulder. It is really cosy and warm in there, and I feel really safe.

This dogtor was only a few minutes walk away from our nest, (not that I realized what a walk was at that point), after all this was the first time I’d been out since arriving and luckily we didn’t need to get inside the “Vroom Vroom”,(that awful moving, noisy, contraption that made me so ill on my home coming day), therefore I took advantage of this and laying inside my mobile bed, and... nose sticking out, I observed the world outside…

I was just beginning to wonder how much bigger this "outside" could get, when we entered another nest-like place.

The moment we got inside, I wanted to get out… I started to understand why my hooman smelled the way she did this morning, this place… it reeked with a stench of fear that would make any k9 want to turn on their tails and leave… I became frightened.

We approached another hooman, and she told my hooman to sit, and showed her the spot... and my hooman did just that... but we didn’t "stay still" long, soon we got moving again, venturing even further into the scariest nest I have ever had the misfortune to sniff. Once inside another hooman asked to see me.

I was having none of that… I crawled to the very back of my mobile bed, trying to become invisible, if it didn’t see me, maybe it would go away… but a hand suddenly got hold of me…

Why… why would my hooman let this happen??? I began whimpering… this is when my hooman stopped the monster, took me back and gave me a cuddle…

It took a while to calm me down, but eventually I did… the monster was still there, but a bit less boisterous, it offered me his hand and I started to sniff it, and although the smell I didn’t care for was all around it, I also picked up on another… the monster did not mean me harm, underneath that scary whiff, there was a subtle scent of caring, so slowly I let it pick me up, always making sure my hooman was close by.

It turned out to be the most peculiar experience… it looked at my eyes, my nose, inside my mouth… it looked in my ears, checked all my legs and briefly popped a cold thing on my chest, and if I am not much mistaken, it sniffed my butt… I was more puzzled than on edge… I mean... hoomans don't do that. I kind of relaxed into this peculiar hooman behavior… when… when… it happened… he stung me on my neck…

FIGURES!!! you just begin to trust somebody… you let your guard down, and what do they do? They sting you!!!

I yelped and run back into my mobile nest… and looking at the stinging monster I growled “Watch out!!!” trying to warn my hooman to stay back… “It stings!!!!”

“OK...OK…” the monster said “It’s all over now” and he handed my mobile nest with me inside back to my hooman…

I was so glad to be back with her safe… she looked at me, and apart from a touch of guilt, I could totally pick up on my hooman relief. This is when I knew this ordeal was truly over. I still don’t understand now what it was all about, but my sweet mum… my devoted hooman was relieved, was happy again, and that was all I needed to feel happy again too, but there is one thing I never did… to

this day I never forgot the monster, and despite almost the undetectable odour of "caring" I never trusted it or others like him again.

Till our next woffling,

Lots of liks


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