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Ep.13 - LOVE STINKS!!!

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Alt="chihuahua dog on a pillow hiding his nose in his paws"

Wooffling my hoomans...

A while ago I explained to you about the world of K9 P-mails and that this is the system we use to connect and to keep each other updated on important personal and pack information.

What I didn’t dwell on is what happens when some of the information I pick up it’s important enough to be communicated to my hooman.

Sometimes I pick up messages about food problems, some environmental changes important to us dogs, possible parasites threats… once I even picked up a warning about a paws fungus!!!

All of these facts and much more must be shared with the pack to prevent nasty consequenses…

How I do this? Simple!!

This is how:

Alt="dog logo"

Once the P-mail in question has been opened and identified as K9 priority Level 1, I study the terrain where the message has been left for areas of optimal collection…

Alt="dog detecting a smell"

... then lay down, and getting into position, I roll into the message… I make sure every possible part of my back is well coated, and for good measure I also coat my muzzle, nose and cheeks.

Alt="dog rolling into a scent on the grass"

This is done very carefully to ensure 100% success on the message delivery to other dogs during the walkies, and that the scent will last long enough to be carried back to the den, the place where normally humans noses will get close either because they pick you up if you are a little dog like me, or get close to pat your head if you are a bigger breed.

Unfortunately I came to realize early on that for some reason this indispensable service is less than appreciated, quite the opposite, to my horror at times as soon as the message was discovered I quickly was taken in the part of the den where humans do their grooming, and having my precious info washed out of my fur...

Not sure if it was because the memo was now received, fully absorbed and therefore there was no need to keep spreading it around, or… and I tend to lean on this explanation, humans don’t like the message and want to get rid of it, whether they pick up and understand its essence... still isn’t clear and more research needs to be done on the subject.

Sometimes there are less catastrophic reasons to pick up P-mails scents, this reason has to do with a most annoying, and considering what I just woofled about, a most confusing human habit…

I have noticed that human coat themselves with scents of their own, they do it when they wash, and they do it regularly. Every day my hooman picks up a… “thing”, this thing does not smell alive, but regardless… it sneezes all over her, and this seems to make my hooman really happy.

Alt="dog turning his nose to his human spraying perfume"

Personally I don’t understand it, this vile pungent reek carries no information of any use and it makes me feel sick!!!

What's worse it seems to migrate onto me quite easily, luckily it loses its potency quite quickly, even so, it’s so invasive that as soon as I am able, I try to counteract the fetid trail by immersing myself in a more earthly and natural one, the scent of fallen leaves mixed with fox urine seems to get the best results.

Needless to say, my hooman is never impressed by this.

Fortunately, despite our habits differences, my hooman and I have found a way to push beyond this olfactory barrier and audaciously keep loving each other in the face of our respective "aromas"

Alt="dog and woman loving each other dispite the bad smell"

Till our next woofling,

Lots of licks,


Alt="happy dog panting in carrier bag"

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