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Ep.8 - I'm a Chihua... what???

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Wooffling my hoomans,

so last time I howled about the discovery of walkies, which between you and me, besides my hooman, who in my life has been the best discovery since… since… titbits, walkies was the next big one.

But I digress, let me get back to my tale… my hooman didn’t limit herself to take me out for big wee-wee and little wee-wee, off course this was still a very focal point of the day in my puppy life, she carried on picking me up and putting me down on the soft fluffy element she called grass, and I tried very very hard to please her, but I still had a few accidents, but my hooman was ever so understanding, not once she growled at me when I did have an accident, she simply picked me up and let me get reacquainted with the... “grass”.

Apart from my poop-loop routine, she would take me out every morning. This was much more than a little sit down on the “grass”, this was a sort of expedition, a journey of discovery.

Everyday I woke up so excited to go and sniff all that existed outside my den, and I never lost my enthusiasm… even now… as soon as I see my hooman displays walkies behaviour, I am on my feet and eager to go.

Every walkies brings amazing revelations, but none compare to that first day…

On the day in question, my hooman put me in a brand new contraption… I remember the first time she used one of those things, I felt quite trapped with it all wrapped around my body, but by now I got used to it… kind off!!

Still, up to now I only sat on the “grass”, or sniffed around to wee-wees, but on this day I had to learn how to walk in unison with my hooman.

After a few tangled hiccups, I got the gist of it… and in a very inexperienced manner, I began my trek one learning step at the time.

It wasn’t long into the walk when suddenly I saw something bolting towards me… it was a bit bigger than me, I could see it looked a little like me, but it was bigger, his fluff looked poofy in places, and his ears didn’t look like mine, they were hanging off his head.

He came, he sniffed my butt, and left…

“What was that?” I cried and cowered by my hooman’s foot.

“That... was a Bedlington Terrier”, a calm and kind voice answered me from behind.

I turned towards it, found the source of the voice, and almost fell backwards in the attempt to get the whole picture.

This other creature, also similar to me, was HUGE!!!

“Don’t be afraid little one”, he whimpered and laid down getting a little closer to me, it looked away, rolled on his back and from there he made eye contact again.

I instinctively felt I could trust him, and cautiously I got closer to him…

“I gather this is your first real outing, isn’t it little one?”


“… and you never realised that us dogs come in many different sizes, did you?”, he said assuming a

sitting position.

“No…” I was flabbergasted, I never even question myself on this, when I lived with my furry mum all the pups and the elder dogs look same as I did, save for the colouring of their fur at times.

“I thought so…" he said, "for example, I am a Dalmatian…”

“Are you?” I answered totally captivated by all this and still in awe of his size.

“Yes I am… and you, you are a Chihuahua”

“I’m a Chihua...what???”

This is how I learned about different kinds of dog’s breeds, but most importantly... my own!!!

Till our next woofling,

Lots of licks,


Alt="happy dog panting in carrier bag"

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