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Ep.4 - Everything I needed under one Woof!!!

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Woof Woof my new hooman friends... Let me pick up my tail... I mean... my tale, from my last woofing.

My journey finally begun, and to get to my new nest we climbed into a huge thing, we just about settled inside the suspicious looking thing that my hooman would eventually call a "Vroom-Vroom" when suddenly I heard a noise, it was a loudish noise, after that… just as suddenly… movement!

I felt a little queasy, we were moving but neither me nor my hooman were using our legs.

Totally unnatural if you ask me!

This… motion… continued for what seemed forever, I never realized how big the world really was, not that I could look at it whizzing by... since I feared that if this torture didn’t stop soon, the food in my belly would be the next thing on the move, so I hid my face into a niche made by my hooman’s front paw, and closed my eyes, my hooman must have sensed something was wrong because she began stroking my head gently, this made me feel slightly less alone.

Luckily, by the time I was sure I was about to see my kibbles again, we came to a stop!

Everyone climbed out of the noisy thing.

Once inside my new nest, I felt a mixture of fear and curiosity, everything smelled foreign to me; my hooman finally put me down, but to be honest with you, I didn’t want her to put me down, in her arms I felt safe.

I was put into a really big round confined nest, the floor was lined with soft white papery material, I saw a drinkies spot, and little nap spot, similar my old spot but much nicer… and totally exhausted, I crawled in there and fell asleep.

“Where am I, Mum? Mum? Where am I???” I cried for my K9 mum upon waking, completely disoriented and utterly terrified. As if by magic, my hooman appeared and picked me up to soothe me, she gave me a lovely cuddle, once she was sure I was Ok, she put me down outside the confined area and I began to explore my surroundings.

My first big adventure, it turned out, was the exploration of what hoomans call a “lounge”, it was huge to me, filled with weird looking objects.

My hooman came and sat on the floor, as soon as she did that I felt a bit more courageous, I took a few steps, then when back to her, after a little while and some encouragement, pulled by curiosity, I took a few more than I did previously… and back again.

I did this for a while, and almost made it a whole 3 feet!!! And it must have been a good thing I did because my hooman brought me my food.

After eating I felt far too tired to carry on with my investigation of a thing called “the sofa”. The day’s events, the new environment and the thousands of new scents that bombarded my young nose were overwhelming, I just about managed to go back to my hooman and curl up by her legs.

She gently picked me up, settled me on her chest and while talking gently, she

stroked me.

I fell asleep thinking that for as scary as all this was, I was lucky after all, I had all I needed right here, shelter, food, adventure, but most importantly, love.

Till our next woofling ,

Lots of licks,


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