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Ep.1 - Especially fur you!!!

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Alt="happy chihuahua dog in a bag "

Woof Woof everyone, here I am... My name is Biscuit. I was born in Exeter England, and not long after I was born, my future "hooman mum" (that is what she calls herself), came and chose me out of four little pups... two were my siblings one was a cousin.

My provisional name... the one my hooman mum gave me before choosing my real one, was "White foot" since I was the only one who had... well... one white paw, then she changed it to Biscuit.

She liked the name... but decided to go for it when my hooman sister told her it was absolutely perfect because not only I was small but to them I was the sweetest thing, just like a biscuit.

Since that day, the day I went home with my hooman, I learned so many things and had lots of adventures. It has been such a wonderful time that I decided to tell my stories and I really hope you will enjoy reading about them.

My hooman and I will work together and try to bring you a story once a month, I say try because by her own admission, my hooman spends a lot of time... chasing her own tail (???), personally I don't think there is anything wrong with chasing your own tail, in fact I have had a lot of fun time in my puppy years doing that very thing... but here is the thing... she is on a futile quest... I really don't get why she even attempts it... since... well... she hasn't got no tail!.

No wonder she seems to have very little time to get stuff done!!!

At times hoomans can be quite confusing...

Till our next woofling ,

Lots of licks,


If you would like to look at some of my hooman's pastel portraits and shop go to:

... and don't forget to spread the scent and leave a nice licky like!!!

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