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Ep.3 - EmBARKing on a new journey

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

You might wonder what happened to my intriguing scent don't you?

Well for the next four months it came back at least six times, by the end I realized that the scent came with a form, and I also realized that that form was what my furry mum referred to as "my human".

Funny things hoomans... apart from being almost totally hairless, they seem to be a little disconnected, even with the limited experience I had with them up to that time, it was clear to me that they don't seem to see or sense the very important 'somethings' hovering around them.

My hooman never came alone, its whole pack came along with it, and I learned how to distinguish them from their scents... but my own hooman had the safest fragrance of them all.

Little by little I realized that my hooman was a female, she had a male companion, and two grown pups, although I could faintly smell another pup, its scent was distant but definitely there, at the time I took it that the third pup was out foraging for a kill.

Towards the end of those four months something changed. For some reason I was not allowed to be with my furry mum all the time and I did miss her, but my furry mum told me this is the way things are for us dogs, she explained that in our lives we have an important mission, and that mission is to take care of our hooman, to look after it, to make it laugh, to comfort it when it is sad and to help it see that the most important thing in life is love.

I still could not understand why I had to be kept away from her to be able to do this, so she told me... and when she did... I felt scared.

"Come here my little fur ball" she said "the reason you need to spend more time alone is that one of these days your human is going to come and take you to her nest, my furry mum knows it will be much easier for you to get used to this if you slowly start spending some time without me"

I don't mind telling you that this revelation made me sad, it worried me so much I woke up whimpering more than once until... until one day... it happened.

It was a bright and crispy morning, I just got back to my big boy's nest to rest for a while after playing with my brother, when my mum's hooman picked me up.

"You are going to your new home today" her tone was a little sad, but also calm... I remembered what my furry mum told me about my mission as a dog, to comfort humans, so I licked her hand to make her feel better, and as I licked her hand she whispered "yep, you are ready, you will make a fine companion, here... say goodbye to your mum" and she put me in my mum's bed for the very last time.

While cradled in my hooman's arms, feeling a little sad I recalled my furry mum's last words...

"Be good now my little fur ball" and gave me a little lick "you are going to have a great life, you will experience amazing things, your wonderful journey is about to start".

Till our next woofling ,

Lots of licks,


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