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Ep.19 - BOOM! BANG!! FLASH!!!

Updated: Apr 9

Oh my Dog!!! What was that???

Alt="Dog frightened by New Year's Eve fireworks"

I yelped and run under the desk where my hooman kindly put a bed just for me.

“Oh sweetie… it’s ok… come here my Biscuit, come out from under there, mama is going to look after you… don’t be frightened…


Woofling everyone, it took some time but we are back… my hooman had so much work, (this is the activity that human seem to spend a lot of time on, I am sniffing around this topic to fully understand why exactely), to catch up with.

I hope you are all well and that you have started the new 12 moons cycle like me, full of joy, bones and treats!!!

Even though I have to admit, I didn’t always start the new cycle all that well, I am a little wiser now and my hooman makes sure not to make… that... same mistake again, but my first experience of “it” did not promise anything good at all… but let me take you back, back to that night back to the…


Oh my Dog!!! What was that???

I yelped and run under the desk.

“Oh sweetie… it’s ok… come here my Biscuit, come out from under there, mama is going to look after you… don’t be frightened…

My hooman, on all fours, was peaking at me, pleading me to come out, but I believed there was reasons for concern, because only human cubs do all fours… therefore, to me, the situation looked grave and I was having none of that, my K9 instincts told me to stay put, and... moreover, they told me I should get my hooman under here with me, here in the safe spot for her own good, after all I didn’t know what the big BOOM BOOMS were, but a noise like that could only mean one thing…

Alt=" woman kneeling down to comfort her frighten dog on New Year's Eve"


I was not going to come out, not a chance… not even for all the tuna treats in my hooman’s cold kill-box.

“Com’on sweetie, it will be ok”

Even if terrified, I really wanted to please my hooman, so very slowly, my ears perked up, my body began slithering on the floor towards her... when..




I could sense my hooman was a little uneasy, this was nothing new, I sensed this instinctive response in my hooman before, but the worrying thing today was that she felt uneasy for me, like when we went to see the dogtor.

Why? I was feeling really good and surely I didn’t need another sting already did I?

Disturbed by the possibility I kept an eye on my hooman to see if she would show any signs of the possible unwanted stinging monster impromptu visit.

So I decided to observe the strange behaviour, but there was no indication it was going to be what I feared…

Alt="Chihuahua dog snooping around in the lounge"

It all started just after walkies and the visit to the kill place to refurbish the pack’s provisions, throughout the day there was a real buzz about the den. My hooman spent much of the remaining sun-up between licking the den clean and preparing the kill.

I could smell the most amazing scents coming from the hooman kill station and became really excited at the prospect of a scrumptious din din…

Same as the strange rituals I witness before, it seemed that today was going to be special too… My hooman and her mate adorned the whole den with shiny things, (I got a better feeling from these than I did from “Howl-oween…”, even so… I didn’t see the point!)

Once again we had visitors coming to our den, and I, as any respected K9, was manning the entrance and sending a small warning every time someone arrived.

The atmosphere seemed happy and relax with a touch of excitement, the males greeted each other with a lot of barking and paws touching, females seemed more inclined on wrestling each other by the body and licking each other's cheeks… for as long as I will live, I will never understand human behaviour, I mean, a quick butt sniff tells you all you have to know, but this is the way humans seem to do it, it is a long and noisy process and I bet that by the time they are done, they really are not the wiser about the reality of their friends’ real state of things…


“I am sorry my Biscuit, I got carried away with the celebrations and forgot to do your….”


I did not know if this “celebrations” thingy was to be blamed for all the scary noisies, but even if it were, I doubted very much that my hooman could do anything to put a stop to it… it came from far away and sounded big and ominous.

I stopped my slow unsure crawl and backed up right into the corner again… “It’s no good my hooman… you come under here with me, quick!!! This is our only chance of survival… we will sit here and wait for the... nasty... to pass by”, I whimpered.

To my relief my hooman understood how important it was to keep safe because she joined me under the desk, picked me up, sat by my bed in the corner, cuddled me and began woofling to me softly.

I felt a little reassured and less lonely, but the noises and the flashes were now coming without pause, and they made me feel quite sick!

Realizing that at every flash I jumped and disappeared into her arms, she closed the curtains that adorned the sides of my desk-bed

“It’s all going to be OK sweetie” she whispered and offered me a little treat…

Now, normally I would jump at the prospect of one of my delicious tuna treats, but I felt so nervous that even the smell made me feel like regurgitating all of my last week’s din dins!!!

“Ok Ok… this will make you better”, my hoomum said, and she took something out of her pocket.

“no no… no more good, please”, I whimpered, but what emerged from her pocket was not a treat, it was long... very long and flat…

“MY HOOMAN IS GIVING ME A… SNAKE?” I woofled confused, how was that going to help… I needed a snake bite now as much as a thermometer up under my tail!!!

Realizing I was confused, my hooman presented me with the slithering peril…

“Here… have a sniff…” she beckoned…

Slowly I got closer the presumed scaly beast and gave it a little hesitant sniff…

I relaxed completely into my hooman’s arms… this thing was not a snake, it wasn’t even alive, and under the circumstances, that was a very good thing… but how would the ‘thing’ help me?

I was looking at my hooman while pondering on this and almost forgot the reason in itself when... a HUGE BANG AND A FLASH SO BRIGHT THAT EVEN THE CURTAINS COULDN’T KEEP IT OUT OF MY DESK-BED, reminded me…

“Ok no more waiting”, my hooman positioned me on her laps and began rapping the long flat non-snake around my upper body. This was a most peculiar thing to do. To begin with I admit, I fought a little, but as she completed the first wrapping around my body, for some reason I felt a little less afraid, so I stop moving and let her carry on.


“Feel a little better?”

Alt="Dog sitting on the floor under a desk with wrapped with a bandage to prevent him getting scared during fireworks"

This was the most unexpected of results, I still wanted my hooman next to me and still didn’t like the noises and the flashes, but for some incomprehensible reason, I no longer felt terrified… and even though I didn’t want to leave the safety of my desk-bed, I felt safe enough to cuddle up and go to sleep… almost!


“You know about it???”

“Oh yes… yes… as a matter of fact, couldn’t get through without it, wounldn’t you agree guys?”

On my daily outing I was hoping to find my mates so I could tell them all about the magic flat snake, but to my surprise, they knew all about it.

“You mean to bark to me that last night your humans wrapped you around with the magic snake as well?”

“Of course” Moneypenny yelped

“Naturally” was Mister's polite response

“couldn’t get through these weird human celebrations without it” Uncle Buck burped as if in a drunken stupor, and added, “sorry guys, last night I indulged in too much human food”

“Wait what???” I asked

“You know… loads of people came to the den, a good portion of them kids, and you know kids... they are so keen to feed you that…” Buck ranted on.

“No no… what did you woofle before that…!”

“What? … couldn’t get through these weird celebrations without it?”

“Yeah… what do you mean by that?”

“Well my young Sir…” Mister cut in, “he means that this ‘celebration’ happens every twelve moons”


“I… kitty you not!!!”, Mister whelped as if offended that his word was put in question.

“OHHH FOR DOG’ SAKES!!!”I howled

Alt="A bandage snake slithering out of a first aid kit"

Till our next woofling,

Lots of licks,


Alt="happy dog panting in carrier bag"

If you would like some info about my hooman's pastel portraits or visit her shop go to:


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