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Ep.14 - Banyetto Canyetto (little doggy's bath)

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Woofling everyone,

it only stands to reason to move from my last woofle topic to today’s topic.

Why do I bark this?

It will all become clear in a tick... and two flees.

So… just to remind you, my last woofle was about my hooman and my own different habits and reasons to use scent.

The problem I will bark about today arose early in my puppyhood, even before I had the opportunity to understand smells detection and the reason behind feeling compelled to coat myself in them.

I must have been living with my hooman just over a month, when this most peculiar ritual came to life, and I have had to endure it every two moons ever since.

In the beginning the whole thing mounted up to the introduction of simple new objects… my hooman would place them next to me when I was laying down resting, or sometimes took them out during play time. She let me sniff them, touched my back or paws with them.

I could not understand this new game, and I lost interest in all of the funny looking objects fairly quickly… apart from one.

The thing in question looked like a hedgehog, but it didn’t move around, it didn’t squeek, and didn't smell... (the lack of scent normally would be enough to send me on an intruder alert), but my hooman surprisingly used, (and still does), its prickly coat to scratch my back… it is very soothing and I totally enjoy these sessions; therefore I chose to disregard its scentless state in favour of the benefits I was getting.

I did not know then, but all this had a purpose, and I was to find out soon enough what it was.

One day in addition to the hedgehog scratch, something strange took place, my hooman decided to bite my nails with one of those objects I didn’t pay too much attention to. What followed was more peculiar still, she squirted a cold liquid in my ears… now… the nail biting was weird enough, but this last was completely unexpected and unpleasant.

I wiggled to let my hooman know that I had enough with this weird grooming, and she let me go, disappeared for a moment, came back, picked me up and took me in the human wee-wee place. Humans are strange, they seem to wash themselves in the same area where they lay their waste… not K9 sanitary if you ask me, nevertheless, liking it or not, I was put in their indoor waterhole.

It was all so bewildering, I began sniffing around and never realized my hooman started to spill drinkies all over me!!!

I freaked out and tried to run away… why would my sweet hoomum try to drown me????

To be fair, all that got wet was my tail and my butt area, but how was I to know then there was no threat?

I slipped and fell on my back paws.

I was so scared…

“There there, my little slippery fish…” my hooman sweet voice soothing me.

“It’s ok, we are only giving you a banyetto so you will look and smell lovely”

Little by little my heart stopped racing and even though I kept a close eye on the watery spill hovering all around me, I let my hooman do her thing.

Still not knowing exactly what a banyetto was, I found myself soaked to the back of the head, then she squirted something all over me and started rubbing my fur… I did not like it, but kept reasonably still hoping this torture would end soon…

I had to endure this rub and spill twice in all, but finally it was over.

My hooman took me out of the human wash area and wrapped me up in what human call a towel… and there I finally relaxed… until…

Untill the BZZZZZ

I didn’t really see this object before… it was big, very noisy and spat air at me… mind you, to be fair this has always been my favourite part… the air the BZZZZZ spits out is warm, and I enjoy playing around while this warmth blows away all the worry of this banyetto business.

As I grew older I have grown accustomed to the idea humans have about cleanliness, and this ties in with my last woofle and the need as a K9 to communicate information through smell… but as I said last time, whenever I collect certain scents, the ritual seems to come around quicker.

I accept this now... but on that first occasion I can tell you I was not at all impressed… this banyetto canyetto robbed me of my natural doggy scent and despite my hooman being thrilled about it all, I was not to be smelling like a daisy!!!

Till our next woofling,

Lots of licks,


Alt="happy dog panting in carrier bag"

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