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Ep.11 - A New Leaf Of Life

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Woofling everyone!!!

At this point in my life story I’ve been leaving with my hooman for about one and a half moons… and I fell into a good daily routine.

Us dogs love routine, it makes us feel safe, but I didn’t realize this quite so clearly then, I was after all only a pup. All I knew was that knowing my hooman’s habits, my environment and what to expect most of the time gave me a sense of security and protection.

Little did I know that major changes were afoot!!!

It all began with something I picked up from my hooman, a restless feeling, next thing I knew

some of my toys disappeared… and with those, also a couple of my favourite sofa’s cushions. I looked for these things everywhere, but they just vanished!!!

Little by little I realized that other “somethings” were going too, these are the sort of “finds” humans seem to place all around the den, this “findings” seem to have no purpose in the running or safeguarding their den or their lives, apart from that of just being there.

All these changes unsettled me, and I looked forward to get away from it all during my walks… but to my dismay I realized that my den wasn’t the only thing changing… something strange was going on in the wild too. Now deep down, my instincts told me that this change was normal, but I was unsure nevertheless and a tad curious.

The air smelled different, fresher… the light seemed not to last as long as it did, and my hooman told me that little spills and big spills were soon to fall from the “up”.

Intrigued, I kept an eye on the “up” to see this spill coming…

I was on one of my walkies when it finally happened... or so I thought.

I was just enjoying a strangely sweet smell by one of the trees when something hit my nose!

I was so excited!!! I ran to my hooman to explain that I was hit by the spill… but it turned out this was not it!

“Ohhh my Biscuit… did that leaf fall on your nose?” she said picking it up and showing it to me for inspection.

Is that what it was? I thought, sniffing it thouroughly, well ... I guess… yes... that “leaf” just got me!

“Even the trees are getting ready for the cold winter, that is why they are losing all their leaves”

Winter? What was that? And why would the trees losing their leaves, I really don’t think shedding my fur would help me through the coldness?

In any case these puzzling changes, unlike the ones in my den, were quite enjoyable… more and more of these “leaves” fell from the trees and I enjoyed walking on them, making them crackle under my paws, or running into mounts of them, making them fly everywhere.

These moments of fun briefly alleviated the chaos going on inside our den.

Strange looking things my hooman called boxes, began appearing all over the place, and after some intense activity… they would be taken away, and I started to wonder if all the disappearing things were put inside them.

This process was a very noisy, unsettling and upsetting one, and whilst this all was happening, I tried to find the quietest corner to hide and observe.

Then it got worse!

I was laying in one of my designated day time quiet corners, (that I had to keep changing due to the unwelcome activity spreading every which way), when two humans entered the den. I never smelled them before, and from my safe spot I saw them picking up hooman's bed and taking it away! That was it, I had to raise the alarm!!

My hooman responded straight away, she picked me up and gave me a cuddle.

“It’s OK my Biscuit… everything it’s OK…” she said stroking my head.

“How is it OK” I whimpered “those featherless magpies are doing away with our bed, where will we sleep”

By the time the light began to dim, our den was bare… maybe, if we were fast enough, we could go and gather some of those fallen leaves to make a bed for the night.

I was so upset, my hooman offered me a kill, but how could I eat anything while facing this crises?

My hooman put me in my mobile bed… thank Dog the thieves left me at least that!!! I crawled inside, expecting my hooman to settle by me, but instead she pick my mobile bed up with me inside... and we were off.

“Don’t worry my Biscuit, this is a good day for us” my hooman said as we walked out, to be honest I wasn’t chewing that.

“We are going to our new den”.

A new den? What was wrong with the old den?

“you will love it, you’ll see”

We sat in the Vroom Vroom and as we began moving away, and leave our safe spot for the last time, my heart broke a little, my hooman knew and she gave me a cuddle… she didn’t leave me for one minute, and I loved her for that, it was then that I realized that no matter where we were going , if I was with her, I was going to be just fine… she was all I needed... she was my den!

Till our next woofling,

Lots of licks,


Alt="dog in his travelling bag looking happy"

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