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SW Pastel Pets studio


Hi everyone and welcome to my website...


I would like to be able to list here all the great schools of art I have been to... as it is the custom in these sections on websites.. but all I can do is to tell you of just one: The Royal Academy of Self Teaching .

I was taught to paint with oils, had a little bash at acrylics, then I moved on to pencils and finally settled with my favourite, pastels.

I don't mind telling you I had a really critical and tough teacher and even after all those years of trial and error she still gives me a really hard time on regular bases!

I suppose I should be grateful for the proverbial butt kicking... but at times, she makes me feel like I want to cut my own ear off...

In the end I hope it has been worth it, but only you can be the judge of that, so have a little look at my gallery.

Oh yes I almost forgot, should you like one of my drawings , go to my SHOP where you will be able to buy different   prouducts made from my original work.

If on the other hand you are interested in one of my originals or a commission, just contact me.

Gotta go now, got some serious pastelling to get into.

Ta ta

Sarah Worrell

SW Art Pastel Portrait - About me
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